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Luca di Gaia
I mean here to shed a light of clarity on the concept of guests of mother earth;

Having claimed a pre-juridical title of belonging to mother earth in honour and respect, a principle of systemic and biological order, thus hierarchic for the mother of all living beings, in full connection, and in a state of consonance with a feeling of conscious nature, we acknowledge being part of a symbiotic order connecting the nature with the creation, putting ourselves in a process of life in constant flux.

Every individual, acquiring experiential knowledge, integrates him/herself as a “pro-biotic” in the tapestry of the co-creation: we acknowledge nature as mother and teacher, observing its ancient laws we re-connect to the Tree of Life, rooting ourselves in synergic balance with it.

From the tiniest microorganisms in the ground to the flora, the elementals, and the minerals; the families of fauna in the air, on the ground, and in the large bodies of water in rivers and lakes.

We acknowledge the cosmic synchrony and the natural biodynamic of circadian rhythms, the physiological phases of the laws of life in a systemic biological order, following the natural cycles of the resources that operate with minimum effort and maximum outcome.

We observe nature as a syntropic set embedding problems and solutions already selected by the adaptation.

As guests on this planet, we have the duty to preserve it for future generations.

With a responsible and considered usage of resources.

We humans, male and female sovereigns, can (and should) dismiss limiting schemes, crystallised beliefs, de-powering plans, and automatisms inherited from the old artificial and predatory system, and live a reality aligned with our real feelings.

Earth’s biodiversity is a crucible of natural beauty.

Having claimed the ancient roots and the memories of wise men and our ancestors.

We operate by controlling the natural equilibrium, we converge on natural energy flows, encouraging interchange, mutual support, short production chains, and self-production.

We honour and respect life in every aspect and beauty, in coherence and concreteness we tune-up in resonance with it, promoting the equilibrium of cooperative habitat, boycotting every unnatural form damaging biological systems.


Of the existence of treaties for climate, like the “Tokyo Protocol”, implemented by politicians of corrupt corporations acting in dishonour; distancing ourselves from any statement or belief not verifiable through tests or at least logical for the natural order, aligning ourselves to the natural cycles, the strength that mother earth uses to regulate in a homeostatic way the flow of the resources, that, in an apparently closed system, regenerate themselves adapting to stimuli and keeping the balances in favour of life.

Conforming to PMT’s statute, we reject the use of weapons and all the policies leading to those situations, from their making to their usage to resolve controversies or to damage living beings and ecosystems, hindering the harmonic and symbiotic flow between races, peoples, and groups in a new co-operative paradigm for peace.

We sovereign peoples, in sisterhood and brotherhood, pay sacred respect in every thought, word, and action, keeping us in honour and truth with ourselves and with the others, using our real intimate and deep essence, without masks, in full relational resonance, dialoguing for new communication forms in connection with the master of the heart.

We organise ourselves in cooperative communities, aiming to encourage abundance, based on energy self-sufficiency, in a healthy and physiological “link to the earth” and its sacred laws.


Sow the Tree of Life, its roots fed by our love, foster the growth of flowers, fruits, and sacred seeds that give us joy, health, and inner peace. Let’s stay connected to this tree, avoiding the illusion of the shape, searching for the truth in a deep and experiential way, pure and free of mind duality, of metaphysical nature which leads to a sacred personal knowledge that is not shareable because all that I get from others, I can only believe and never really know it, thinking in voice and content, not asking “how” and mainly “why” of reality; trying to understand the link between the world of manifestation and man, investigating the universal laws and, once understood, master them, and project them on the different universes forming the reality so that the branches of the great Tree of Life will be the real future of future generations for all free human beings.
People of Mother Earth
Ours is a self-determined state, with a presidential government and a board of ministers formed with men and women aware and united on the old ancestral identities of our territory, the Italic Peninsula, of the whole of Mother Earth.
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