In conscience, we know that:
We, Men and Women gathered in the living body formed by the Federation of the Populations of Mother Earth, named Popolo della Madre Terra (PMT), according to the imperative of reason and truth, in respect of the law, we observed that there is only one Mother Earth and only one is possible, she is unique, she is inseparable, indivisible from her extensions, and if there is a Mother Earth, we are all inseparably brothers and sisters, with no distinctions.

We know that every population, nation, or association, were born on Mother Earth and in all small differences, we are united by the universal truths, that many populations are the same big population, that our identities are different due to historical-juridical reasons, but in our conscience, we know that we are one.

We know that the history of our recent fathers is way older than what is commonly told. We also know that events like the unification of Italy, or other geopolitical stories, are not the only facts we know and acknowledge as being part of our identity, because, in our culture, we embrace the whole history of mankind, and we are conscious that it has established its roots starting from the dawn of times.

We know we are just a thread in the plot of existence, but we are conscious we are part of it forever, and forever we will be part of it. Every thought, word, or action of ours is aimed at peace. We are not masters of anything, nor are we slaves to anyone.

We declared and reminded the world of our existence and independence, declaring as sacred the whole of Mother Earth, of which we are biological heirs and custodians because she is our culture, our biology, our “religion”, our homeland, and our identity. Being things like that, we Men and Women, declared as belonging to the Body of PMT (People of Mother Earth), compliant with the law, according to the principle of self-determination, we assume, based on our faculties, the right of first refusal on the land we take care of, because this is a de facto right, pre juridical and irrefutable. We are de facto sovereigns on our Mother Homeland, which is Mother Earth.

We know we are inseparably united to that part of humanity working for the good of all beings, whose actions are moved by inestimably universal values, like peace, truth, and its search, defence, and preservation, being this the liberation from the darkness of ignorance, and prejudice, that lead, those who are influenced by them, to violate the law.

We know we have lived a time of separation, though aware that the true strength is in the union; together, we can let the light of conscience succeed over any darkness.

If we altogether realise that an ancient bond unites us all in a real universal brotherhood, then there will be no obstacles to stop this truth, this unity. Because of this, we propose to create, together with all people in the world, all the associations, federations, states, and nations, an instrument for real cooperation with a view to guarantee a reciprocal and unified state of peace in equilibrium with the law and right on all Mother Earth;

Aware that this can be done and guaranteed only through the cooperation of all Men and Women of goodwill. We, members of PMT, act following these values because the lineage of truth we custody is unforgettable, regardless of ourselves and the sense of life of each member of PMT.

President Mahat
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People of Mother Earth
Ours is a self-determined state, with a presidential government and a board of ministers formed with men and women aware and united on the old ancestral identities of our territory, the Italic Peninsula, of the whole of Mother Earth.
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