If mRNA vaccines are inherently dangerous, why are they being urged and even imposed?

At this point in history, there is no need to beat around the bush. It is no longer possible to interpret the actions of the authorities as 'honest mistakes'. Too many things have happened that unequivocally point to a sinister agenda behind the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. The hasty and unnecessary approval, the threats and coercion, the systematic censorship of honest science, and the suppression of the truth about the vaccine's many victims, killed or severely harmed, have gone on for too long to allow one to doubt the intent and purpose. Our governments and national and international administrative bodies are waging an undeclared war against us all. As David Rasnick points out in Chapter 8 this war has been going on for decades and we must expect it to continue and intensify.

The knowledge that mRNA technology kills and harms and that this was known to those who made and released the COVID-19 vaccinations is invaluable intelligence. Having this knowledge gives you the power to protect yourself and those you love. The fact that you do so is of utmost importance to the network of doctors, scientists and researchers who have worked to understand and communicate these dangers.

Many of the doctors and scientists who have helped expose the lethality of mRNA technology over the past three years had little or no expectation of what they would find when they began their investigations. They were people in senior or retired positions. They had faith in the establishment: the scientific establishment, the medical establishment, the academic institutions that support science and medicine, the government and its regulatory agencies. They also had busy lives and, while they understood the dangers of growing corruption, they did not realise that mass atrocity carried out by such means throughout the world, including the Western world, was possible. However, after discovering the facts, they faced what had to be faced and persevered.

Some of them lost positions and titles. They lost income and benefit packages. They have worked countless hours without compensation. They have been the target of media slander and misinformation. Some have been the subject of unfounded investigations, lawsuits and prosecutions. Some have lost their medical licences. Some have lost homes, families and friends. Some have been poisoned and even murdered. And all have felt deep sorrow and frustration when friends and family members who would not heed their warnings became ill and died.

Their cumulative sacrifice is their gift to you, given freely, so that you may choose to protect yourself and those you love and encourage others to do the same. If each of us passes on this priceless gift to other men and women, we increase the chances of good health and life, person by person, family by family and community by community.

Download the Ebook “Toxicity of mRNA Vaccines” (free digital version in pdf):


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