Comparative analysis of the founding ritual of the extraterritorial body in self-determination of the People of Mother Earth -PMT- "Ceremony of Blood Spilled Freely" by Mahat on 11/09/2014 in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City

by Lucio dei Lagrini Allodi

The founding rite of the People of Mother Earth -PMT-.
On the eleventh day of September 2014 (AD) on the ground of what is known as St. Peter's Square in the so called Vatican City in Rome, Mahat of the Cerasuolo family, the current incumbent president of the People of Mother Earth -PMT-, with his founding act, a spiritual expression of conscience, of liberating man from the prisons that stand in the way of truth, practiced the "freely shed blood ceremony" by uttering the following words:
"I called Mahat of the lineage of Cerasuolo who came to light on 04/04/1976 anno domini in Napule, in the name of truth and the law, for the benefit of all beings I declare the following: "in the past evil intents drove some men and women to commit unspeakable crimes to the detriment of their own brothers and sisters; the Roman empire and others before and after them invaded free territory and claimed to possess the land with its seas and lakes, rivers, the sky, men, animals and plants, believing that they could claim their possession by inscribing these in their property records; In doing so they interrupted the harmony that reigned supreme to them and distorted the sacred nature of that which represents the earth that is the mother and cradle of all beings manifesting on it; My earthly ancestors who considered themselves guardians and children of the same mother were brutally murdered and their blood was spilled on this earth; the same blood today flows alive in my veins and with my blood freely shed on this earth I forever rejoin their spirit by restoring their life and claiming the biological and cultural inheritance of my good which consists of the entire planet earth from which from now and for then and forever will be imprinted the inviolable sacred seal forbidding any being to invade and possess the life of mother earth as any of her sons and daughters thus abolishing any covenant rules and laws that were not generated in truth and honor: This is so that those who have been deemed the dead may choose to return to life by reestablishing with honor through justice peace and harmony over all mother earth; at this point I freely poured on the earth a drop of my blood from the palm of my left hand with which I imprinted on the earth's soil my sacred mark by uttering the word 'Amen'"
The "freely shed blood ceremony" reunites the living blood with the blood shed by our ancestors that flows within us now and from time immemorial, and with Mother Earth, being inextricably interconnected with all her sons and daughters in the sacred space that includes everything.
Acts of such ceremony simultaneously invoke multiple meanings because they draw on: To ancient traditions and cultures of each people (thus anthropologically based); to other specific actions that come from religious, mystic and esoteric traditions of the ancient people of Israel as reported by the "sacred Hebrew-Aramaic scriptures" in their canonical code. These meanings and all their effects from then on are universally valid in the open hearts of men and women of good will, who have declared Original Biological Cultural Belonging to the People of Mother Earth -PMT-, in that the sacred act of Mahat is a deterministic act of man for man, for the living who, having understood its meaning and scope, determining his own consciousness, acts freely, in honor, brotherhood and truth with the forces of earth and heaven and with his own brothers and sisters.

It is absolutely true and not debatable that:
Every living man or woman who has recognized and declared his or her Original Biological and Cultural Belonging to the People of Mother Earth exists. As a whole, these men and women constitute the "corpus vivendi" of the People of Mother Earth, and as a consequence it is undeniable that the People of Mother Earth exist. Mother Earth is the sacred space of expression of consciousness; in its cycles and laws it is an expression that brings together and encompasses all living between heaven and earth, all things visible and invisible. Mother Earth is a "corpus vivendi" consisting of all living, her People are part of it as a cell is to the organ and the organ to the body.

Every man and woman can be said to be constituted, in matter, by being one with Mother Earth i.e., the living whole of which we are a part and which we inextricably are. Blood, which often in traditional cultures is considered at once vital energy and matter, returns to the mother still alive and pulsing to remind us of the connection of our blood with that of our ancestors who without separation now live in us.
An unbroken line of inheritance has ensured the transmission of the lineage to this day that, from generation to generation, expresses today as then the peaceful, free and sovereign ancestors who lived in love, conscience, and brotherhood, according to the sacred natural law.

According to the anthropological code belonging to all mankind, it is absolutely true and undeniable that:
Pouring a drop of blood on the soil of the earth Mahat Cerasuolo declared and recalled that:
Our living blood joins the blood shed on the ground by all our ancestors at least and symbolically at their death;
our blood today, in the gesture, returns of direct descent from the blood of our ancestors, ancient by so many generations as to be indefinable; Our blood in value, lineage and inheritance unites us with their blood and thus is manifested in us all the value of their life and of being sovereign according to the natural law that has always existed.
The meaning According to the anthropological code
The blood of that drop, which from above meets the earth, represents life and soul; it is alive and living it reunites with the earth as well as with the blood shed by our ancestors and as such it will reunite with their lives and souls bringing their value and meanings that revive in us; Once all this has happened, I am united with all my ancestors through the great meaning of life, its great mystery and its great value.
Behold, I am now invested by them with the same authority, with the same right to life, with the same sacred values, with which they lived, I am invested by them with the same natural right.
Behold, the drop of my blood touches the earth and permeates the earth, it will unite me of a union that has always been there and always will be there. It will unite me of a union between the primeval Mother and the son; It will unite me of a union that makes me one with the whole, with that whole that is shared by all creatures, creations, life forms and otherwise, that have existed, that exist and that will exist on Mother Earth, in Mother Earth and through Mother Earth.

According to the biblical code, it is absolutely true and indisputable that:
Blood represents life;
In the blood is life;
In the blood is the soul;
Spilled blood buys back the right to life;
Spilled blood liberates from the bondage of sin and death.

According to the biblical code
In the blood is the soul (Le 17:11; Le 17:14) - so by pouring out the blood one pours out the soul;
The shed blood (on the altar) makes atonement for souls by means of the soul in it (Le 17:10, 11);
Both life and blood are sacred;
The shed blood saves from God's judgment (Exo 12:7, 22, 23; 1Co 5:7);
Covenants with God are validated by shedding blood (Exo 24:5-8);
Spilled blood, offered on the altar, serves to atone for sins, to redeem life from death caused by sin (Le 16:11, 15-18);
Blood has a legal power accepted by God for the purpose of atonement, and this power was illustrated by the shedding of blood (Le 9:9);
The basis, or foundation, of the atonement provision was the blood;

Some implications of the performed rite of Mahat of the Cerasuolo in the of 11/09/2014 AD
A drop of the blood is poured on the pavement of the square known today as St. Peter's Square, in the area so called Vatican City, which in the symbolism of the Vatican itself is Sacred Ground;
A drop of the blood dies poured on the earth as on a sacred altar;
A drop of the blood poured on the earth as if it were poured on the altar of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, as if it were for a ransom of life to life;
So pouring the blood on the ground evokes the symbolism of pouring on an altar the value of one's life and regaining it.

Implications of the rite performed by Mahat of the Cerasuolo in the of 11/09/2014 AD
If the blood signifies life and soul, if the blood poured on the altar redeems life and soul, then the blood poured by Mahat in the Vatican makes it possible for him to regain his true identity, an identity that, like his life, his soul, after these acts, are no longer the property of anyone, thus breaking the chain and the effects of past contracts that were not formulated in honor and signed in conscience, as early as Sept. 11, 2014(AD), being according to the rebus sic stantibus clause all null and void and unenforceable and unenforceable against ki made the same takeover.
A drop poured in the Vatican, as poured on Noah's ark, as poured on a holy altar, to buy back my soul, my life, my right to freedom.
A drop of blood poured into the Vatican, as poured on Noah's ark, as poured on a holy altar, to atone for every guilt and every sin, to buy back my body's right to life and freedom.

So it is absolutely certain that:
From what has been presented above the following all becomes irrefutable:
The PMT and all its members are of Sovereign, Pre-Judicial, Prestatal, Antidiluvian, Pre Ecclesiastical, Pre Clerical status, right and origin.
They are Witnesses, Free Interpreters, bearers,
worthy representatives, assertors, disseminators of the expression of the determination of conscience, of Natural Right, of a real and sacred belonging to an ancestral identity.
They are therefore free from the blackmail, deceptions, claims, narratives, manipulations, interpretations, rulings, paradigms, agreements, teachings, interpretive models, proposed imposed or realized by powerful men, servants, structures, governments, religions, entities, assemblies, courts, enclaves, corporations, companies, corporations, economic and financial commercial structures in every form order and degree.
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